Computer Water Jet Cutting Machine For Laeather

  1. Special techniques of auto-typesetting program and leather defect detection program. These can reduce leather wasting cost up to 30%.
  2. Patented Z-axis control design enables the cutting head maintain the shortest distance from material. It can enhance precision and efficiency of cutting effectively.
  3. Supporting DXF file can increase the cutting flexibility and reduce work load of R&D.
  4. Pure water cutting guaranted zero-pollution, safe, and friendly working environment.
  5. Saving die production and management cost that used to have.
  6. Moveable moisture filter keeps the work field dry and clean.
  7. Applicable materials: leather, carbon fiber, composites, rubber, foam, PVC, glass fiber...etc.
  1. Machine Dimension: 1950 x 2400 x 2800(mm)
  2. Output Power: 10(HP)
  3. Working Range: 1300 x 97 (mm)
  4. Allowable Cutting Height: 50(mm)
  5. Cutting Pressure: Maximun 60,000 PSI
  6. Linear Moving Speed: 6(M/Min)
  7. Cutting Speed: Depends on cutting material, thickness,