D.W. 2400x1100

Cantilever-Style Abrasive Computerized Waterjet Cutting Machine

  1. Abrasive cutting is applicable for cutting metal, marble, glass, carbon fiber and etc.
  2. With precise ball screw and slide, the waterjet is capable for accurate and efficient cutting.
  3. Water level quick adjusting function increase cutting efficiency.
  4. Automatic sand-filling system, no more worries for insufficient amount of sand.
  5. Industrial level of computing system stabilizing and enhancing the quality of work.
  6. Automatic typesetting system makes typesetting, programming and cutting at once.
  7. Standing operation design enables operator control waterjet in easy-moving position
  1. Machine Dimension: 3400 x 2200 x 2800 (mm)
  2. Output Power: 30(HP)
  3. Working Range: 2400x1100(mm)
  4. Allowable Cutting Height: 150(mm)
  5. Cutting Pressure: Maximun 50,000 PSI
  6. Linear Moving Speed: 7(M/Min)
  7. Cutting Speed: Depends on cutting material, thickness, shapes.